Service Center


Having trouble with a low speed vehicle, golf cart, or electric vehicle? Do you have general questions on the parts, service, and maintenance of your electric cart? Is your golf cart in for repair or general maintenance and you want to check on the status? Feel free to contact our service department at 843-576-2233 or 843-522-9461.

The service department of Bulter Golf Carts is operated to ensure the safety of your golf cart and all of our customers. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is in the safest of hands with our trained professionals. We believe that if you operate a great business on a day to day basis by the same morals and ethics you started it with; customers will see professionalism and determine that their choice is clear. Butler Golf Carts at no time will compromise our goal of 100% complete and total customer satisfaction.

Our current shop labor rate is only $100 per hour, and we provide free estimates for all repairs before any repairs or maintenance are completed.

Full pickup and delivery service is available!

  • Free estimates are given before any work will be completed on your golf cart or low speed vehicle!
  • We offer a full repair service on all makes of citEcar!
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